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MDX Studio v2 Description


MDX Studio v2 came about after using Mosha Pasumansky's MDX Studio. The project has not been updated in years and the source code was not available. The best option? Build it from the groud up.

I've been an SSRS developer for about a year, and in training other users and spending time with SSMS... well, current solutions just weren't enough.


MDX Studio v2 is a MDX editor to be used with SQL Server Analysis Services. The program's features are detailed below:

Current features:

  • MDX Editor with language keyword coloring
  • Multiple tab/query support
  • Cache-clearing ability with keyboard shortcuts
  • PerfMon (with history) for detailed Query Performance control

Planned Features:

  • Setting persistence
  • Concurrent queries
  • File Save/Open
  • SQL Trace copy-paste support, with '@' parameter replacement
  • Color/theme modification (currently available manually)
  • Cube tree-view with Drag-and-Drop, for faster query building
  • Intelligent auto-complete


  • .NET v4.0 (Hopefully, as this expands, I will be able to rewrite the 3rd Party components into .NET 3.5, which is the minimum for SQL Server 2008 R2)


  • Build and share. Go commercial if you want, but it has to be Open Source. Licensed under GPLv3.

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